Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Nose Works!


I just got my splints removed.

Observation - nasal splints are f'ing HUGE. Like, the size of your palm big. It wasn't quite, as my friend Mike Shaw predicted, like the bathroom scene in "Total Recall," but I bet it looked like it.


CASEY sits, wincing in a chair while the SURGEON pulls something out of his left nostril. Casey is not in pain, but rather dealing with the very strange sensations.

... and there's the first splint.

Casey opens his eyes.

Whoa. I didn't know those things were that big!

No one does. This is why I don't show them to you before I put them in your nose. OK, one more.

The surgeon pulls another enormous sheet of plastic from Casey's right nostril. Then, he hands him a tissue.

You may bleed a small amount for the next hour or so. Try breathing gently through your nose.

Casey, for the first time in his life, feels air flow easily through both nostrils.

Oh my God! My nose works!

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yay!! your nose works!

i wonder if they have a sugery for being lactose intolerant. coz thats just a whole OTHER problem that my friends get an ear full about ... and not with words. they get an ear full of something else ... yup.

but hey! your nose works! just hopefully never around me, right? ha!
Blogger Stephanie, at 9:03 PM  

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